IMG_2296-2Hi! My name is Jenna Hazzard.

I’m pursuing the creative life through my reading, my writing and my work in the public library.

In the Spring of 2018, I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a double degree in English and Medieval Studies. Over my time at Laurier, I discovered and nurtured my interest in creative writing. Instead of rushing off to grad school, I chose to seriously pursue my writing and other creative pursuits for a few years. I created the blog portion of this website, because I wanted a place to document and discuss the experiences I have as I navigate my post-undergraduate life as a young writer.

Although I have tried my hand in a few genres, I mostly write realistic fiction and creative non-fiction. I am currently working on revising a book-length project, with some smaller freelance writing projects on the side. To avoid spending all my writing time on the blog, the posts are going to be casual and perhaps a little unpolished, but ultimately heartfelt. I hope you find some value in the blog as I share my journey.

To keep the lights on and the bank account in the black (and also because I really do love it!), I work part-time at a public library in Information Services and Local History.

Publications, Honourable Mentions and Awards:

2019 Publication in May 2019 ELLE Canada magazine – “Swimming Lessons” (Personal Essay)

2018 Chris Heard Memorial Writing Prize – Winner (Short Story)

2018 Publication in Blueprint Magazine – “Podiums, Public Speaking and Calling Yourself a Writer” (Personal Essay)

2017 Elle Canada Writing Competition – Runner-Up  and online publication (Personal Essay)

2017 Laurier English Students Association – Honourable Mention (Prose and Poetry)

2016 Dorthy Shoemaker Literary Awards – Honourable Mention (Poetry)